Please be advised of the following updates to C5PBA National Events and M5PBA Events

C5PBA Youth Challenge - Postponed
C5PBA Inter-provincial Challenge - Postponed

M5PBA 2 Legit to Split Fundraiser - Postponed

The M5PBA has tentatively moved the 2020 Open Provincial Championships in Minnedosa from Easter Weekend to May Long Weekend.

As so much remains unknown at this time, more information about this event, as well as C5PBA National Championship plans, will be communicated in the upcoming weeks.

Regarding the Spring Cash Draw, should the Open be cancelled altogether, we plan to make the draws at our AGM. Regardless, we encourage no sales of tickets after the Easter weekend date.

Please visit our website or Facebook Page for the most timely updates.

2019 M5PBA Manitoba Open

New Champs Crowned Once Again

2019 Ladies Team

Mens Singles Medallists

2019 Mens Team

Provincial Team Champions

Ladies Singles Medallists 

Well, the 46th Manitoba Open has passed and once again, new friendships, new memories and of course, some great bowling happened at the Shamrock Centre in Killarney, MB.
Central Team 3 led by James Boxshall with 13 of possible 15 points took top spot with 91 points. Other Members of the team included Shawn Langlois , Ryan O'Callaghan, Louis Bourguignon, Christy Wilson, Laurie Kohinski and coached by Bob Wilson. James and Laurie were both members of last years winning team as well.
Central 2 led by Ken Wilson with a 251.3 average and 10 points claimed the silver medal. Other members of the team included Ian Sylvester, Roland Wood, Darryl Brunet, Kathleen Stacey, Davina Kostiuk, and coached by Nyssa Deroche.

The Bronze Medal team was Westman 2 included Brad Rusnak with the high average of 258.8 and tied Boxshall with 13 points. Other team members included Wes Rushton, Keaton Ruckle, Nicole Sentner, Gisele Sayer and coached by Al Lightfoot.
Top Averages for the men after the team events were Rusnak with a 258.8, Ken Wilson 251.3, Ryan O'Callaghan 248.1. Christy Wilson took over the ladies averages with a 236.8. Cathy Langlois was second with a 231. and Laura Tycoles with a 207.93.
This will be the first time in Manitoba's history that a husband and wife will move on to the Canadian Open as the provinces Singles Champions.

The Langlois' will be accompanied by Manager Marilyn McMullan, Men's team consisting of Rusnak, Kevin Fisher, Ian Sylvester, Ken Wilson, Trevor Rae, Ryan O'Callaghan, and coach Bob Wilson.

Christy Wilson a 4 time medalist in the mixed competition with 2 gold, a silver and bronze, Laura Tycoles and Nicole Sentner who also own Gold Medals in the mixed team event, and worthy veterans of the open who had impressive performances over the weekend Laurie Kohinski and Gisele Sayer, rookie Sam Nickart, with Debbie Tarn as their coach.

The Manitoba contingent will head to Surrey BC from May 28th to June 1st to compete in the National Event.

The Singles event once again had everyone's attention, with two first time champions being crowned, which was being live streamed with commentary from competitor Trevor Rae and returning from last year was Chris Sumner.

The first match for the ladies saw 4th place qualifier Laura Tycoles defeat third place and defending champion Christy Wilson 256-214. Tycoles then defeated fellow Westman bowler and former champion Nicole Sentner 212-197 which came down to the final frame. If Tycoles was to claim the crown she would have needed to defeat top qualifier Cathy Langlois twice. The final score was 261-208 in an exciting match that saw Langlois claim the title for the first time in her career.
The men's event was just as exciting which saw Brad Rusnak (1889) hold 4th spot over Trevor Rae's 1887 and Ryan O'Callaghan's 1886, through the 8 game qualifier. Rusnak defeated third place qualifier Kevin Fisher from Swan River 245-209. Brad then climbed the ladder to defeat James Boxshall by one pin 236-235, setting up a final match against top qualifier Shawn Langlois with a 2088 total for the 8 games. Although Langlois started the match with 4 strikes, Brad kept the pressure on firing strikes and spares to keep the match close. Shawn would go on to claim his first provincial singles title with a 329-276 Victory.

There are always special moments that occur and this year that moment happened to be when Jerry Sayer was honoured with a Lifetime Membership to 5 Pin.
Jerry has been in integral part of the sport of Manitoba 5 pin and continues to compete at a strong level. Not bad for a guy so young!
To cap it off Jerry was awarded the Geoff McMullan Sportsmanship award on Sunday afternoon.I know we all look forward to more years from Jerry and seeing him in Surrey cheering on his wife Gisele and the rest of the Manitoba Contingent.